Sunken Traffic Flow Plate

The TBP5800 Sunken Flow plates restricts the flow of traffic to one direction over it.
£180.00 £216.00

The TBP5800 Sunken Flow Plate incorporates an internal counter balance action that returns the plate to the upright position after a vehicle has passed over it. Constructed from heavy steel the flow control plate encourages mono-directional traffic flow as well as restricting traffic entering from the wrong direction. They feature built in noise reduction buffers not found in other examples. The sunken flow plates are suitable where there is no suitable existing foundation. They are not suitable for vehicles weighing over 7.5 Tonnes.

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We recommend the flow plates are used in conjunction with warning signs and speed bumps.


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Key Features
  • Highly visible
  • Non slip surface
  • Built in noise reduction system
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